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Our Story

Our name “Jal” means water in Hindi. Water is formless and seamless, with the ability to adapt to any form. Even in the face of obstacles, water is adaptable and rises to immense heights. This forms our core belief, which is that everyone has what it takes to be like water and adapt.

Regardless of your age, body shape and fitness background, you (anyone, really!) can practice Yoga, Pilates and Barre – and get more out of life. Join our diverse community of over 1,600 practitioners and enjoy better overall health.

Our Studio

Step into Jal Yoga and leave the bustle of the city behind. Our spacious layout, thoughtfully-designed facilities, and comfortable nooks promote mindfulness, reminding you to slow down and relax.


Discover our three dedicated spaces for your practice. Our main room Agni, is installed with infra panels for heated classes; Vayu lets you take flight in aerial yoga and barre; and Prithvi is specially reserved for private sessions

Our Instructors

Coming from different walks of life, our instructors share one thing in common – a love to share. At Jal, we teach from our hearts; hoping to inspire you with our passion and energy. As you grow and experience positivity in your life, so do we.

Why Join Us

20+ Authentic Yoga, Pilates and Barre Class Types

Meet your various wellness needs with our variety of classes.

Authentic Teaching

Classes are designed based on authentic values and practices while taking your modern needs into consideration.

Inclusive Teaching

Classes cater to all levels, fitness backgrounds and body shapes or types with clear alignment cues and variations provided.

A Variety of Props

Deepen your practice and access poses more effectively and efficiently through the use of various props.

A Dedicated Team of Globally Accredited Instructors

Classes are designed based on authentic values and practices while taking your modern needs into consideration.

Infrared Heat Classes

We’re among the first and only few in Singapore to offer Infrared Heat Yoga & Pilates classes, so expect a more therapeutic type of heat without feeling stuffy.

Be Part of Our Close-Knit Community

You’re not just joining a studio, but a family.
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