Me Face Yoga

Undo the years of premature ageing to your face and achieve natural beauty. 

For 6 weeks, we’ll learn lifelong natural & safe skincare routines – using Yoga-like facial movements, exercises and massages to better our skin condition – tighter skin, lesser wrinkles, fuller cheeks and more!


Combat the natural ageing process


As our collagen production drops, elastin (which helps our skin stay tight and flexible) is depleted and this causes our skin turnover cycle and metabolism to slow down.

Undo the damage caused by unfavourable daily habits


Our daily facial movements and habits can sometimes to lead to unwanted facial lines, wrinkles and more.

Lessen the impact of gravity


Our facial and neck muscles get naturally pulled down by gravity, unfortunately causing some sagging in the face and neck.

Programme Details

6 weeks:

  • 1 class (1.5hrs) per week


Each week, together, we’ll learn techniques to work on our different facial areas, adding on to our previous weeks’ learning.


  • Week 1 – Forehead and Eyes
    • 24th Sept (Sat), 0830 – 1000
  • Week 2 – Eyes and Mouth
    • 1st Oct (Sat), 0830 – 1000
  • Week 3 – Mouth and Cheek
    • 8th Oct (Sat), 0830 – 1000
  • Week 4 – Cheek and Lips
    • 15th Oct (Sat), 0830 – 1000
  • Week 5 – Lips and Nasolabial Folds
    • 22nd Oct (Sat), 0830 – 1000
  • Week 6 – Nasolabial Folds, Neck and Jawline
    • 29th Oct (Sat), 0830 – 1000

Your instructor – Sarah

As a Yoga practitioner, Sarah was intrigued when she came across Face Yoga and this led her on a 5-month journey as she took a deeper dive into the topic.


She believes that if Yoga can tone up the body’s muscles, it can have the same effect on the face since we have over 50 muscles in our face alone!


Throughout her journey, she felt a difference both physically and mentally. When practiced regularly, she believes that Face Yoga can help benefit one’s face in many ways.



  • RYT-200hr (Yoga Alliance)
  • Face Yoga Method, LLC

Proven Result (June 2021 vs October 2021)

Me Face Yoga Launch Exclusive

Online Me Face Yoga Launch Exclusive
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24th September 2022 - 29th October 2022