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Barre Classes

Tone your body and sculpt lean muscle while embracing your graceful side in our ballet-inspired Barre classes.

How are we different ?

Designed to build strength, grace and flexibility, our ballet-inspired Barre classes will offer you a fun, fresh approach to exercise, wellbeing and health.

Inclusive Teaching

Effortlessly follow each class with clear alignment cues and a range of variations that are meant for all levels – so no one gets left behind.

A Variety of Props

Access poses more easily and deepen your practice via the use of different props such as the Foam Roller, Pilates Ball, Pilates Ring and more.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Get more out of every Barre class, which is infused with some Yoga elements.
barre instructor

Benefits of Barre

Build strength and tone your muscles

Through small pulsing movements, you’ll be working all the muscles in your body while getting stronger and leaner.

Gain more flexibility

Experience an improved range of motion through focused stretching.

Build stronger joints

As Barre moves are gentle to the joints, you can strengthen them while decreasing stiffness and pain.

Develop more mental stamina

On top of boosting muscle endurance, you’ll grow stronger mentally as you push through each class.

Get better posture and sense of balance

Stand a little taller and say goodbye to that slouch, as our Barre workouts build your posture and balance.

Our Barre Classes

Inspired by ballet, our Barre classes are centered around small pulsing movements that will tone your body and sculpt lean muscle, so you can embrace your graceful side while powering through a full-body workout.