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Personal Training

Achieve your goals effectively and efficiently through tailored sessions that meet your specific needs.

Yoga & Pilates Personal Training Sessions

Achieve your goals safely with undivided attention from our instructors. Whether it’s Yoga or Pilates, our Personal Training (PT) sessions are designed to suit your specific needs, at your own pace.

How Our Personal Training Sessions Can Help You?

Achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently

Through sessions that are customised to your specific needs, you’ll be able to focus on your goals and work closely with our experienced instructors to get the best results.

Manage (and possibly recover) from existing or past medical conditions and injuries

Get personalised tips and learn to work around existing or past medical conditions and injuries, so as to get the most of your training.

Enjoy the flexibility to attend sessions at your selected timings

Schedule your PT according to the best timings for you, based on your ever-changing schedule. .

Get undivided attention and guidance from our instructors

Take your practice to the next level and get all your questions answered by having some one-on-one time with our experienced instructors.

Different Types Of Personal Training?

Below are some of the PT sessions that are available, but not limited to:

How It Works?


Your instructor will develop a detailed “case”, find out more about your goals and specific needs as well as understand your lifestyle and health background.


He/she will work closely with you to design a series of tailored sessions.


Your instructor will closely monitor your progress and review it with you. After which, adjustments will be made according to a pace that best suits you.
how it works