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Yoga Classes

Boost your overall wellbeing with our authentic Yoga classes.

How are we different ?

With over 15 Yoga class types to choose from, you’ll be able to find a class that suits your needs and reap the benefits physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally.

A Wide Range of Yoga Classes

Achieve your specific wellness goals with over 15 class types that are designed to cater to different levels and needs.

Authentic Teaching

Experience a unique blend of traditional values and practices of the respective disciplines to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Inclusive Teaching

Effortlessly follow each class with clear alignment cues and a range of variations that are meant for all levels – so no one gets left behind.

A Variety of Props

Access poses more easily and deepen your practice via the use of different props such as the Yoga Wheel, Foam Roller and more.

Infrared Heat Classes

We’re among the first and only few in Singapore to offer Infrared Heat Yoga classes, so expect a more therapeutic type of heat without feeling stuffy.


Benefits of Yoga


Get in the pink of health and improve your strength, balance, flexibility and many more by consistently showing up to practice.


Cultivate self-love as you embrace your body and your personal progress while learning to listen to your body as you flow from pose to pose. You’ll also have increased emotional stability and create more space for positive emotions.


Boost your energy level so that you can flow through your daily life with ease. Also, you’ll be in a better mood as your cortisol levels drop when you practice.


Clear your mind and relax as you reduce anxiety and stress when you connect with your breath and learn to be present.

Our Yoga Classes

Explore a wide range of Yoga classes – from traditional Hatha to energizing Vinyasa or exhilarating Aerial Yoga! Designed to suit all levels and cater to different needs, our classes will elevate your overall health and wellbeing.