Pilates Class

Build your postural alignment, strength and flexibility with our Pilates classes, which are infused with some Yoga elements.

How are we different ?

Bring awareness to your body and build core control with our Pilates classes. As there are some Yoga elements infused, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Get more out of every Pilates class, which is infused with some Yoga elements.

Inclusive Teaching

Effortlessly follow each class with clear alignment cues and a range of variations that are meant for all levels – so no one gets left behind.

A Variety of Props

Access poses more easily and deepen your practice via the use of different props such as the Foam Roller, Pilates Ball, Pilates Ring and more.

Infrared Heat Classes

We’re among the first and only few in Singapore to offer Infrared Heat Pilates classes, so expect a more therapeutic type of heat without feeling stuffy.


Benefits of Pilates

Build a stronger core

Increase your muscle strength, particularly your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and glutes to build a foundation for effective full-body movement and better posture.

Boost your mood and energy levels

Manage your stress by sweating it out and enjoy the post-workout endorphins.

Tone your body

Build lean muscles and get into shape as you power through every class.

Improve your flexibility and coordination

Balance the muscular strength on both sides of your body and get better at executing the movements.

Our Pilates Classes

Infused with some Yoga elements, our Pilates classes ensure that your body can get the best of both worlds while you build postural alignment, strength and flexibility.